Ee-rang Park is a graphic designer and art director working in Seoul, South Korea. She studied visual communication at Seoul National University and established an independent design studio «Studio Hertz» in 2009 to design graphic identities, promotional materials, publications, etc. for companies, cultural institutions, or individuals. At the same time, she established the independent publishing company «Swing Publishers», and planned and published books such as «Flowers & 民畵», «Education of instinct», «Show me your room, the room dance». She also designed all five volumes of Encyclopedia books published by Propaganda in 2017 after five years of work.
She is also actively engaged in lectures and self-discipline explorations. As a member of the project group Kraft Hertz, she worked on the subject of design and crafts. In 2014–15, she attended Dong-A University as an adjunct professor of industrial design and also gave special lectures at major art universities in Korea.
Currently, she is in charge of Brand & Graphic Design as a creative director at Hyundai Department Store Group. As a director, she planned and developed the group's major identity designs, including Hyundai Department Store, Hyundai Apartment, Hyundai Food Hall, Club Jasmine, and Hyundai Department Store gift certificates, and is responsible for brand campaigns and graphics overall.

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